"Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” 

Below is a selection of writing in a range of different voices. It includes fiction, creative non-fiction, and posts for clients, adopting their tone.

Typhoon Season (FICTION)
Voiceworks #109 'Sprawl'

First short story published in Voiceworks, Australia's leading youth literary journal. 

A story about grief, connection and displacement. It found its roots years ago when I spent several stifling weeks in China. Read it by ordering your copy of Voiceworks.

The typhoon starts with a murmur. It finds us in the sky, waiting. Then, as we leave the South China Sea, it starts to scream. Inside the plane there is silence. It waxes and wanes, stretching across carpeted floors.


What I'm Reading
Meanjin Blog - Spike

A meditation on the books I've read recently and the pursuit of place for Meanjin, Australia's quarterly literary publication.

Read it here.

When I was six, my backyard was the most wide-open, imposing space I knew. There, in a flat plain filled with drought-licked grass, lay my universe.

How Will We Start the Fires?
Wrights PR 

Australia's largest free newspaper has folded. Where did it all go wrong?

Read it here.

It is the end of an era that started in Melbourne, Australia in 2001. From June 12, on the after-work commute home in Australia's three largest cities - Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - the familiar rustle of the mXnewspaper will cease to exist.

This is the Story of a Boat Person

Telling one Vietnamese refugee's story for a journalism assignment.

Read it here.

At midnight, a sleepy village in Saigon is draped in darkness. Panic seeps into crevices and cracks, into minds and imaginations, into dreams.

Technology's Literacy-Enabling Potential
World Literacy Foundation

Can we overcome illiteracy in developing nations through technology?

Read them here.

Digital technology has completely rewired the world. It has changed the way we communicate, opened doors to oceans of knowledge, and disrupted the way we learn. At the heart of this is opportunity. Technology has the power to transcend economic barriers and enable literacy in every corner of the world.

The Skinny on 3-D Security
E-commerce company

Helping staff wrap their heads around 3-D Security.

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It’s no secret: e-commerce is booming.

But the industry’s rapid ascent also gives rise to escalating security concerns amongst online shoppers.

Patient Photo Project
The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation 

The Royal Children's Hospital changes lives.

The Patient Photo Project is a series of portraits and interviews putting the spotlight on stories from the hospital.

Read samples here.